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If you’re seeing a flickering gray bar at the top of your iPhone 6’s screen, then you have a serious problem. There is also another symptom reported by users, which is the touchscreen that refuses to work properly and the owners have no choice but to send their devices in for repair. There are many complaints on Apple’s support forums and the repair techs are continuously receiving devices with the two aforementioned issues. What does Apple have to say about this?

By putting pressure on the screen, users can temporarily solve the problem, but later, the “disease” returns in force and does more damage. Eventually, the touchscreen loses its functionality and even if the owner replaces it, the gray bar still comes back, which means that the problem isn’t with the screen, but with the Touch IC chips. If they are replaced, the problem goes away, but Apple’s “doctors” aren’t able to open up phones and remove the “sick” chips.

This forces users to go to third-party repair shops that perform unauthorized “surgeries” to fix the issue. Jessa Jones, microsoldering specialist via, said that by placing a metal shield soldered over the sticker shield can fix the problem indefinitely, as this offers a “futureproof shield.”

Apple doesn’t agree with these kinds of solutions and the company banned Jessa and her colleagues from the Apple Support Communities, after they’ve offered their solution to iPhone users who are dealing with this problem. New York board repair specialist Louis Rossmann is predicting a class action lawsuit in the near future, if customers will have enough of Apple’s lack of interest in solving the problem with the Touch IC chips. The company is ok with customers spending money on new products, but when it comes to technical issues, Apple shrugs its shoulders, infuriating users even more.