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Back in May, Microsoft was announcing that Forge was coming to PC. Forge was a tool used in making maps for Halo 5: Guardian Edition and it was run on Windows 10. This move made fans hope that the full Halo 5 game will be made available for PC, but the company quickly cleared out rumors by saying that they will keep just the map editor. An advantage of the change was that fact that it let people play online with other PC users.

This raised some confusion among players, confusion that augmented after the name of the game was changed a little bit, thus becoming Halo 5: Forge. The game is supposed to go live this autumn, on September 8.

Microsoft made some declarations on Xbox Wire regarding the game. They said that Halo 5: Forge brings a new level of creation, porting the experience from Halo 5: Guardians to users of Windows 10. It also brings support for both keyboard and mouse in order to obtain a better placement and manipulation of the objects, a high-res display (even 4K) and an amazing fidelity in graphics. Players will now be able to play and host custom matches designed for maximum 16 players and they will be able to use a new content browser which will be spanning platforms.

If you are a creator, you can even download levels that the Forge community has created for Xbox One and PCs that run Windows 10. You can play them like that or you can further customize them according to your own taste.

However, many fans are disappointed when thinking about the fact that a full immersion into the Halo 5 experience is not possible on the Windows 10 PCs, but the possibility of a huge match with 16 players across several devices doesn’t look bad at all.