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Rockstar Games still refuses to talk about the Grand Theft Auto VI, but that can’t stop all rumors related to this upcoming title.

According to Ecumenical News website, one of the reasons why Rockstar doesn’t talk about it is because the developer might be working on integrating full VR compatibility. Let’s not forget that the GTA 5 has already introduced the first-person mode and it will not be that hard to integrate VR gameplay for full player immersion.

The upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI will released for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, but if it will take too long for the developer to release it, there are high chances that it will come directly to the Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 consoles, which are expected to arrive sometime in 2020.

Let’s not forget that both consoles and PCs come with their own VR headset and this means that the developers will need to spend more time in order to make sure that the game will run smoothly.

In other words, the developers will need to make sure that the GTA VI will run without any problem on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. This means that it will require more development time and beta testing and this might be one of the reasons why Rockstar hasn’t confirmed this game yet.

When it comes to the location of GTA 6, there are new rumors which say that the game will be set in Moscow. If this truly happens, it will NOT be the first time when the game is set outside the United States.

Let’s not forget that Russian special weapons and mobsters have been seen before in the GTA series, especially is the GTA IV, which means that there are very high chances that the game will truly move out of the US into Russian territory.

Unfortunately, Rockstar, has not confirmed or denied any of these rumors, so we should take them with a bit of salt.