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Clash of Clans avid players we have great updates for you on the Healer nerf situation! According to Supercell – the company responsible for the beloved game – posted on the official forum on why the latest game update introduces a Healer nerf that cripples popular attack strategies.

What the upcoming August update does is that it nerfs Healers and it makes them vulnerable to air strikes. This, in turn, renders the Queenwalk attack strategy almost useless. It’s essential to said strategy to flank an Archer Queen with Healers but if the healers are far more vulnerable right now, that what would be the point in even trying it. Naturally, a lot of hardcore Clash of Clans gamers were not very happy about the change and asked for an explanation from Supercell representatives.

Supercell responded by saying that a skilled player can keep all of their Healers alive until the end of the battle by placing them behind an Archer Queen or Bowlers, thus suggesting that Healers were becoming very safe and it was never meant to be so. Supercell continued by explaining that the Healer situation is a risk-reward type of gaming situation. Then, the company’s representatives continued by saying that in the internal game testing, only one Healer was lost in a maxed air attack within the new update.

As a result, there is no reason not to keep on using the Queenwalk strategy, but with one additional healer by her side. The same internal game testing with the update in place showed that Bowlers attacks with the help of Healers also performed well.

Since it appears that Supercell will not modify the nerfed Healers, which leaves players to find new strategies that will make use of the Healer effectively alongside an Archer Queen or the Bowlers until the update is released.