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The final built for Viber on Windows 10 is finally here and it’s available for free download. Microsoft has stated that the Vider app works on all Windows 10 based devices and that it will sport many new and interesting features apart from the ones users are already used to.

Some of those new features include Cortana support, quick reply options and video calls for mobiles. It should be mentioned, though, that the Cortana support feature will only be available in certain regions.

This is great news as Viber is one of the most used mobile messaging app on any market and it’s also free. Basically, it allows you to send messages or call your contacts just by being connected to a WiFi source or a mobile network of sorts. It’s widely used because it also allows users to make HD video calls and it also enables them to create groups where the can talk unhindered or share videos, images or voice messages with up to 200 contacts. It’s pretty impressive!

The new quick replays feature on Viber opens a new message in a pop up window that enables users to write a really quick reply to said message without having to go through the hassle of opening the app over and over again whenever they get a message which makes it extraordinarily convenient when you have to reply quickly to a work notice, for example.

Cortana is a virtual digital assistant that will help users send messages or make calls to the people in their contacts list.

The last new addition to the Viber app for Windows 10 based devices is the ability to share videos, images, links, texts and even your locations.

If you’re considering downloading the app, you should know that once you install it, there will be a Viber Live Tile which will enable you to access the app straight from the Start menu. And, if you don’t really speak English, but you somehow speak Portuguese and Russian, it’s worth mentioning that the app now supports these languages. The app can be downloaded form the Windows Store.