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Apple will release iOS 10 next month and it will bring many new features that have been introduced via the Beta Software Program. The seventh beta is now available for dev testers and besides bug fixes, it came with an improvement to Siri, which is now capable of offering more relevant responses. Plus, Siri no longer sounds robotic, but more human.

Siri’s voice belongs to Susan Bennett, who was recorded in July 2005 as she spoke a few words. After adjusting the pitch in order to change the sound, Siri made its appearance on the iPhone 4s in 2011 and since then, Apple has been improving its capabilities.

“We’ve been seeing over the last five years a growth of this inside Apple. Our devices are getting so much smarter at a quicker rate, especially with our Apple design A series chips. The back ends are getting so much smarter, faster, and everything we do finds some reason to be connected. This enables more and more machine learning techniques, because there is so much stuff to learn, and it’s available to [us],” said Phil Schiller SVP worldwide marketing.

Apple has received complaints from actress Barbara Streisand, who contacted CEO Tim Cook to tell him that she doesn’t like the way Siri calls her Streizand and she was assured that this problem will be fixed in an upcoming iOS update that will be released on September 30th. We can agree that this change to Siri was made at Barbara Streisand’s request, so you can thank her later.

Siri had a few problems in the previous betas, as she was unable to respond inappropriately to requests when it came to removed applications. This issue has been fixed and her reliability has improved as well. In addition, WhatsApp users will soon be able to make calls by just giving a voice command to Siri. The digital assistant will be also capable of sending and reading messages.