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Many videos, images and information have leaked online regarding the PS4 Slim version that’s expected to be released soon by Sony. Aside from the redesign, it seems that the PS4 Slim will also come with a controller that will feature a front-facing lightbar.

It seems that at least one person has actually managed to get a hold of one of the new console and he started showing it off in images and videos. We’ve seen some of the photos and videos of the upcoming PS4 Slim on shortman82’s Twitter webpage, where he specifically revealed the details of the new controller.

The gamepad’s biggest change that you will most likely notice right once you get in your hands is the lightbar. Below you can see a gif that shows you exactly how that looks like:


It seems that the light bar on the front of the controller and right above the touch pad will have the same color, which means that you will be able to see light notifications much easier than before. Shortman82 has confirmed that the new controller comes with the same battery as the old controller, but he added that it seems to last a bit longer than on the older gamepad.

In addition, when you connect the controller to the PS4, you can “force” it to communicate only over the wired connection. In other words, it will not use any battery trying to connect to the console via the wireless connection. It is good to know that this option is not found on the old controller, but it will pop-up as soon as you connect the controller to the PS4 using an USB cable.

The guys from Eurogamer have confirmed that the PS4 Slim is real, as they have visited shortman82’s house and they’ve seen the console in action. Sony is expected to officially announce the PS4 Slim and PS4 Neo on September 8, 2016.