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Mojang has announced that it is currently working on bringing some changes to the way redstone functions on the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition and Minecraft Pocket Edition. It seems that the developers are trying to simplify the peculiarities of redstone, but at the same time, they are trying not to compromise the power of it.

The Minecraft community has found a bug which was considered a “feature” that was named quasi-connectivity. However, before Mojang has managed to fix the problem, the community has showcased its potential to build automatic farming contraptions, flying machines and many other things.

Quasi-Connectivity: What Is This?

First of all, you should know that in the PC edition of Minecraft, pistons can receive redstone power from a distance of two blocks when they are placed in a very specific diagonal position (rather than from a block right next to it). However, blocks get updated when something affects adjacent blocks, which means that you will be able to power a piston and, after that, remove the power without the piston detecting it.

In other words, it puts the piston in this state where it needs to be deactivated. Well, some gamers have used this exploit to build elaborate trigger mechanisms also known as “Block Update Detectors”, which means that when something happens to a block next to a piston, the piston will “wake up”, notice that it is not powered anymore and retract in order to trigger something else.

Well, instead of fixing this “bug”, the Mojang team has decided to bring it to the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition and Minecraft Pocket Edition. This new feature is called Observer block and it checks for changes in the environment. In case it finds any changes, it switches between emitting a strong signal and an unpowered state. In addition, pistons are now able to push chests along many other things.

What are your thoughts about redstone? Do you think that Mojang did well by bringing this “feature” to Minecraft Windows 10 Edition and Minecraft Pocket Edition?