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Minecrafters are in for a surprise as Mojang – the company responsible for Minecraft – has announced that it will be making some changes to the redstone features. However, these changes will only apply to the Pocket and the Windows 10 versions of the game.

Some of you may not be very familiar to the Minecraft gaming world so you may not know what redstone actually is. Well, this redstone is a substance found in the game that can transmit power.

Surprisingly, the PC and Mac users can use this redstone substance in a sort of quasi-connectivity scenario that has proven to be useful to the game. According to Mojang, the pistons in the PC and Mac versions of Minecraft can receive redstone power from two blocks away if they are placed in a certain diagonal position. This however, will not work all the time if they try to get it from a block that is right next to it. This means that some blocks only get updated when the adjacent blocks are affected so players can power a piston and then deactivate it just as easily.

Mojang also stated that some minecrafters exploit this bug by creating elaborate trigger mechanisms which are named Block Update Detectors and these work like this: when something happens to a block that is positioned next to a piston (like being destroyed or ignited by fire), the latter will ‘wake up’ and notice that it’s not powered anymore and trigger something else.

This bug or ‘feature’ is not available on the Pocket and Windows 10 Minecraft versions. However, Mojang decided to include an Observer block that does the exact same thing that the bug in PC and Mac version does. What happens is that it searches for changes in the environment and if it’s triggered it will emit a strong signal and it will retreat to an unpowered state. Apart from this change, there will also be a new feature added to the pistons which will enable them to push chests and other items.

The Redstone name also applies to the Windows 10 update so do not confuse the two terms.