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Some of you may be aching to know if the virtual version of Minecraft is worth it and here is an overview of Minecraft VR gameplay on an Oculus Rift headset.

Microsoft launched the official Oculus Rift support for the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft on the 15th of August 2016 which was only 10 days ago.

According to, it’s not very easy to figure out how to install the beta version of Minecraft on Oculus Rift but the game experience is worth the bother.

To begin with, installing the game is not that simple as we might expect – you can’t just do the usual app download in this case which basically implies clicking on it, paying for it and then downloading and installing it. It requires a little more than that. You’ll have to make a new Microsoft account which in turn, needs you to make a new gmail account. But this isn’t the only account that is needed – you’ll also need an Xbox Live account and to establish a gametag. Then you do all of the other normal app downloading actions.

The actual VR game medium is, according to an reviewer, very immersive. At first it puts you in a regular Minecraft-like VR living room where there’s a screen in the middle that is showing a 2D Minecraft game. It’s not that impressive but after a while the reviewer realized that if he pressed one of the Xbox controllers buttons, he could enter the 3D Minecraft game. This makes that VR living room more like a foyer that prepares you for the actual game.

The reviewer also said that the VR Minecraft experience is so much better than the 2D one and that the 2D version is like watching Disney’s Fantasia in black and white.

Apparently, Minecraft has been purchased by 24.000.000 users so far and approximately 1.000.000 of them are playing it at any given time.