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Microsoft has launched a new Garage app that received the name Cache. This is the company’s way of competing with its rival, Google Keep. However, it’s quite unclear what exactly is the direction of Cache. One Twitter user made public the Cache website, which sadly is available only to people who request access to it. Until now we know that it’s part of the Garage apps developed by Microsoft, which are some kind of tests for apps that we’re not sure will become full-fledged apps one day.

According to Microsoft, Cache is in fact a research project which would help them curate and manage the content they are using and working with. They are also asking for feedback from the people who are testing the app and opinions on how fans think the app should be further developed. The site also describes Cache as a place where people can bookmark and store images, webpages, files, notes, text snippets or other reference materials they need in a short time.

Up until now, Google Keep proved to be extremely helpful for people who needed to make shopping lists, snap a picture of something quick, jot down reminders, ideas and pieces of information. They aren’t bookmarks as such and are not that important so that Cortana would store them. They’re not that complex in order to use Microsoft OneNote for them, but the Keep is more easy to use than the classic and rudimentary Sticky Notes.

The Windows 10 Notifications Center already has a Note shortcut that launches OneNote, but it could also be set to launch Cache instead. Since you can already send web pages to Cortana, you could also send Cache notes. This might even mean that Cache would even launch a shopping list whenever you’re in the supermarket, but as it seems until now, it won’t support lists.