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There is a lot of anticipation on the part of gamers surrounding the upcoming release of a slimmer version of the PS4 from Sony. After a few pictures appeared online that showed a smaller, slimmer PS4-like console, many gamers believed that it was all a lie, but recent reports from the Wall Street Journal seem to prove that it is indeed a real console from Sony.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony is planning the release of a brand new PlayStation 4 model that will supposedly replace the current standard model and that it will be released alongside the PS4 Neo – another brand new console from Sony that will support 4k resolutions.

Some analysts have even suggested a price for the slimmer PS4 console and it is believed to be less than $350, which is the price tag of the current PS4 on the market.

The presumed price for the slimmer PS4 is also believed to be so due to the fact that Microsoft has recently released a slimmer and upgraded version of its Xbox One entitled Xbox One S that is sold at only $300. There is a significant price gap that Sony probably wants to fix it with this upcoming slimmer console.

Microsoft has also announced that a very powerful console is in the works that is currently called Project Scorpio.

As mentioned previously, the slim PS4 was spotted in some pictures posted online and Eurogamer decided to investigate further by actually going to the person that posted them. Said person claimed that he/she bought the console from Gumtree and Eurogamer even took pictures of it which seems to confirm that it is indeed a slimmer version of a PS4. Since then, Eurogamer has asked for a comment from Sony but so far hasn’t received anything.

It is believed that both the slim PS4 and the PS4 Neo will be launched at an event held by Sony in New York on the 7th of September.

And since we’re on the subject of upcoming consoles, Nintendo also announced that it will launch a new console (named NX) in March 2017.