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Lenovo devices are becoming increasingly more useful as times goes by and the latest partnership between Lenovo and Microsoft seems to confirm that there are many plans that the former has for its smartphone devices.

The recent partnership between the two giants has resulted in several Microsoft apps being preinstalled onto a few select Android devices from Lenovo and Motorola (which is owned by Lenovo). Some of those apps are: Microsoft Office, Skype and OneDrive.

This is all that we know about this cross licensing agreement between the two companies. At this point, the rest of the agreements are unknown to the public.

However, Microsoft has made similar deals before with other giant companies like Samsung, Sony, LG, Asus, Dell or Xiaomi to have its productivity apps installed on the devices manufactured by the respective companies. These cross licensing agreements mean that Microsoft will no longer rely on other companies to sell its products, but will instead, make its products more visible to the users of the devices from a particular manufacturer.

As mentioned previously, while we know that the cross licensing agreement exists between Lenovo and Microsoft exists that will enable Lenovo to preinstall the latter’s apps on its devices, we don’t know all of the agreements which means that that we don’t know exactly which devices form Lenovo will be the ones that will be getting the apps.

Lenovo is known first and foremost as a PC and laptop manufacturer, but it also owns Motorola and it’s very possible that those devices that will feature the preinstalled apps will be from the Moto series.

So far, Lenovo hasn’t released a statement regarding which of its devices will be getting the apps but it did mention that it expects to ship millions of its Android based devices within the next several years.