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When Pokemon Go was released on July 6, the game generated mass hysteria, but gradually, some of the players got bored of hunting Pokemon and they spent less time playing it, wandering the streets and investing Candy and Stardust to train and evolve their monsters. Plus, there were a few problems with the game’s performance and Niantic, the developer, had to release updates with fixes for all kinds of bugs. However, the latest update comes with a new Appraisal feature that allows players to view the potential strength of their Pokemon.

No matter if you’re an experienced or new player, this new feature will be very useful in training up monsters. If you want to take on gyms, you should know that not all Pokemon were created equal, and in order to determine the potential max strength, the game uses set of hidden attributes named IVs.

Hardcore fans have enough patience to train some Pokemon far higher than others, while semi-experienced players used tools to check their monsters’ potential, but Niantic has blocked them because they put a strain on the game’s servers.

But this new method involves submitting your creatures for testing to your Team leader (Candela, Blanche or Spark) and later, you’ll be informed about the results. So, you will learn about your Pokemon’s attack and defense capabilities and you will know if the creature is appropriate for battle.

Unfortunately, the long-awaited trading feature hasn’t been introduced yet and players are losing their grip. When Niantic has announced Appraisals, the company said that “We are still working hard on several new and exciting features to come in the future of Pokémon Go,” but it’s not known when they will make their appearance.

Currently, this new update is rolling out all around the world, except for the UK. Hopefully, this delay won’t make players so mad that they’ll want to uninstall Pokemon Go from their Android or iOS devices.