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The last updates for the console versions of Minecraft were released at the end of July and Mojang has been silent so far about more updates for the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game. Update 1.31 released the Battle Map Pack 2, added the Redstone Specialists Skin Pack and also fixed various bugs that were plaguing the game.

Console players have been waiting for a major update ever since the addition of the Battle Mini Game which was released at the end of June. The Battle update also added new content to the world such as giving Caves and Ravines to the Custom Superflat worlds created by players, in addition to this there are new Safe Sprint options and improved inventory mechanics.

Since this time, the developer has been silent about future updates for the Xbox One of PlayStation 4 however fans have been suggesting what the next update will contain. One thing that’s certain however, is the inclusion of new bug fixes to address the latest issues caused by the previous updates; players can also expect to see some larger issues being removed from the game.

It’s currently thought that the next update will improve the new Battle mode or expand upon it; some players are requesting that Mojang expands the new PvP mode by adding other modes which are popular for the PC version. The Battle Mode is based on the classic Hunger Games gamemode which was player-created for a large number of private servers. In addition to the Hunger Games gamemode, there are a wide number of other popular game types such as Pixelmon, Skyblock, Parkour and Economy based worlds.

If Mojang is working on expanding the Battle Mode then console gamers can expect to see a variety of new modes coming to consoles; a Skyblock based mode would do well as another PvP gamemode for consoles. While Pixelmon is one of the most popular gamemodes for Minecraft, bringing this game to consoles may cause some copyright issues as it’s based on the popular Pokemon franchise.

It’s still uncertain about when the next update will be released but players expect to see it being released at the end of the month or during September.

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