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Microsoft’s Office suite, OneDrive and Skype are the applications that will come pre-loaded on upcoming Lenovo devices running on Android. The two companies have toughened their partnership, but they haven’t given too many details about this deal.

By means of this partnership, Microsoft will reach consumers more easily, as it will push its applications with the help of Lenovo’s devices. There are many Android fans of Microsoft’s software, but they need to download these applications from the Google Play store. In the near future, customers who will buy Lenovo’s new devices will have access to the most popular Microsoft applications without having to make any effort to download and install them from the store.

None of the companies has mentioned anything about what future devices will receive the pre-installed software, but it seems that the Motorola branded devices will be also included in the deal. Previously, Microsoft had similar partnerships with Asus, LG, Samsung, Sony, and Xaiomi, but some of the users didn’t like the extra bloatware and most likely, there will be many Lenovo fans who won’t appreciate having Microsoft pre-loaded apps on their devices.

Motorola is now owned by Lenovo, who bought it 2014 for $2.91 billion, and in the next several years will be shipped millions of devices, especially premium Lenovo Android devices that will come pre-loaded with the aforementioned Microsoft applications. Microsoft corporate vice president Nick Parker said that “Microsoft’s thrilled that our productivity apps will be pre-installed on Lenovo’s premium devices,” while Lenovo corporate alliances chief Christian Eigen believes that this deal will “bring additional value to consumers around the globe.”

Both Microsoft and Lenovo are experiencing declines in sales: 27% year-on-year drop (Microsoft) “due to a decline in license revenue per unit and licensed units” and 33% (Lenovo) because of new rivals that are becoming very popular in China. The alliance between Microsoft and Lenovo will surely boost sales and everyone will win.