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Are you just sometimes in situations that you cannot use your phone but really need to communicate via WhatsApp? Well, if you have an iPad, we can fix you up in just a second with an-almost-alike version of the app for a browser. The Facebook-owned app hasn’t been released for desktops, but there is a workaround that was created for desktop users to enjoy the free-of-charge communication WhatsApp offers. That is a website perfect for a browser on your iPad.

We’ll take you through the steps of connecting your phone’s WhatsApp conversations and data to your browser’s, so you can have the best user experience there is. Open up on your iPad and just bookmark it already, you know you’re going to need that. After that you need to press and hold the refresh button, which will show off an option called “Request Desktop Site”. You can go ahead and choose that option, and you’ll see the browser offers you a QR code. The QR code is the way you’re going to link your iPad and your phone.

You can now go on your phone, open WhatsApp and look for the Settings menu. The app has there an option called “WhatsApp Web”. Click on it and scan the QR code. After that, you should be ready to go.

Another option you have is to get a third-party iPad app that will work exactly like the website we showed before, because these usually have a QR code to be scanned as well. You are going to find plenty of applications online, but we found Messenger for WhatsApp to be the most decent one out of all.

The only issue with both these options is that neither the alternative app nor the website have an ability to send out notifications. So if you want to be on top of your group chatting game, then you’ll probably have to use the split screen option.

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