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Some dedicated players have just discovered a brand new way to attract rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go; this method is much simpler than using the Ingress tricks that were discovered when Pokemon Go was first released.

The Ingress method required that players also have the Ingress app open which would deplete the vital battery life even quicker; before this new method was discovered, players had to rely on XM spots. One of the gameplay mechanics in Ingress requires that players visit XM spots to collect valuable XM and Niantic has reused this in Pokemon Go. Rare Pokemon spawn in areas with a number amount of XM Spots which makes Ingress a great way to track rare and valuable Pokemon.

This method however is a large battery drain as it requires the user to run both Ingress and Pokemon Go at the same time; Pokemon Go already absorbs a large mount of battery life which made this impossible for most players.

Players now have a significantly better option available to them. This method may not be very useful for players in areas with a high number of PokeStops or Gyms close to them; while city players may be unable to use this, it’s perfect for rural players so that they can keep up with the other trainers in the game.

The new method

The newly discovered method is simple and here’s what to do.

  1. Go into an empty area without PokeStops, Gyms and streets nearby
  2. Activate an Incense
  3. Wait

Rare and powerful Pokemon will begin to spawn close to the avatar and are ready for Pokemon Trainers to capture them.

For many players, finding the right area will be difficult and may involve a lot of trial and error; this method also requires the player to have some Incense and having a large amount of them one hand will make traveling to obscure locations worth the trip.

This new method is not perfect but this is a great trick for rural and suburban players.