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The two biggest rivals in mobile devices, Samsung and Apple, are once again competing for market share, although the Korean company may have an edge, what with them releasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 earlier than the iPhone 7. But is it really a head start?

Rumor has it that people are not torn between the two mobile devices, but on whether to buy Galaxy Note 7 or wait it out for the Apple phone. If this is the case, then releasing Note 7 earlier may not prove advantageous at all.

But here’s the thing, if you want to decide after you make a good comparison, you are likely to wait it out. You would want to know what makes the iPhone 7 better than the Galaxy Note 7. But because it would be released sometime September, you would have to wait.

Here’s a preview of what to expect from both models.

In his extensive review on the Galaxy Note 7, Andrew Martonik of Android Central describes it as the unassuming version of Galaxy S7, with gimmicks kept to a minimum “in order to offer a fantastic core smartphone experience”. It doesn’t necessarily stand out from its predecessor, but an amazing phone, nonetheless. “It’s the best Galaxy Note to date”, he added.

The iPhone 7, on the other hand, will not sport an all-new design, which was previously the norm. Instead, it will only be a second “s”-class device. But what it lacks in design changes, it makes up for internal updates. Yes, Apple is focused on improving on the inside rather than the outside, which can appeal to many smartphone users. What’s a great design and appearance if the performance is lacking?  Unless, of course, if you want a phone that looks good, but may not work as good.

In reality, however, it is a competition between speed and overall performance than anything else.

And the Apple iPhone 7 is said to be bringing in some really exciting internal updates. These include improved speed and video performance, Touch ID, 3D Touch, Siri and so much more. The iPhone 7 may also include an apple A10 processor that is optimized for machine learning and to run artificial intelligence. It will also feature a dual-lens camera system, virtualized home button, and improved water resistance.

But the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be released with the latest Android 7.0 Nougat, which is said to be a stable user-platform. Users in China can also expect a 128-GB version of the Note 7. But is that all you’re looking for in a mobile device? The idea of buying the Galaxy Note 7 may never be a question for the dedicated Samsung consumer, but it will be for those who are still weighing in the pros and cons of both devices.