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According to Microsoft, the Xbox One Scorpio will not come cheap, as during an interview, Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox, has said that the Xbox One Scorpio will be released as a premium product.

In addition, the Xbox One Scorpio is described as the most powerful console ever made and a very high-end product. This clearly means that the device will not be cheap and you will need to save some money if you want to purchase it.

Greenberg has added that PC gamers are spending thousands of dollars in order to make a gaming system that’s able to play games at 4K resolution. The Xbox One Scorpio will bring 4K gaming to the console system, which means that there are high chances that this new console will be priced a bit under $1000.

According to GameSpot, the current Xbox One console has been released with a price tag of $500 (Kinect included). However, later Microsoft has decided to remove the Kinect from the package and sell the console separately, for $400. What Greenberg wanted was to make sure that people understand is that the Xbox One Scorpio is a totally a new console that comes with several new capabilities, including support for virtual reality.

To make things even better, during the E3 2016 event, Phil Spencer, head at Xbox, has mentioned that all games and accessories of the Xbox One will function on the Xbox One Scorpio.

It is good to know that Microsoft is currently struggling with its Xbox One console, as the sales are not going as well as expected. Instead, the PlayStation 4 is currently preferred by more gamers, even if the Xbox One console is now cheaper than the console that Sony has brought back in 2013.

Will you purchase the Xbox One Scorpio when it will be released or do you think that it will be too expensive for a console?