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As if the war of consoles couldn’t get any fiercer, Microsoft and Sony keep on launching new products to pitch against each other, each with the promise of providing gamers with better playtime experiences and options. Two of the latest gaming devices we have to look forward to are the Xbox One S and the PS4 Slim. Let’s see what these two can offer.

Xbox One S

This is a hardware revision of the Xbox One with expanded capabilities. This means you can still play Xbox 360 or Xbox One forwards compatible titles. Some of the major differences are: it can upscale games to 4K output, it has full 4K support for Blu-ray and all compatible media playback, and it supports HDR visuals for games. It is also much smaller, about 40% smaller than its predecessor according to Microsoft, and can be positioned horizontally or vertically. Some of the back panel components have been moved to the front, and the console comes with a built-in IR blaster for controlling your TV and other devices. The Xbox One S control pad has a textured grip and more durable analog sticks, and you can get it with a hard drive of up to 2TB.

PS4 Slim

It has been reported that this console will be more efficient compared to others, sporting a 4K resolution and better streaming service. It is also said to provide a better virtual reality gaming experience with the PlayStation VR headset. So far, these are the only details available regarding the specifications of PS4 Slim as Sony has been quite mum about this new project.

Should You Upgrade?

If you love Microsoft’s exclusives and can’t wait for another year or so for a newer upgraded Xbox, then go for the Xbox One S and all its improved capabilities packed in a more compact device. But take note that Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is said to be set for release in 2017, and this console is reported to be the most powerful one ever to be released.

As for PlayStation aficionados, this question gets trickier with the expected release of PS4 Neo together with PS4 Slim. The PS4K (the other name for PS4 Neo), will have better processing power than its predecessor, an improved graphics processing unit, faster GDDR5 memory, and 4K video playback. And since there aren’t many details yet about the PS4 Slim, you can’t make a fair comparison yet between the two consoles. So it’s probably better that you wait until PlayStation launches both products to have a better basis. It has been rumored that the PS4 Slim will be released together with the Sony PS4 Neo this August or September, so that’s not too long of a wait.

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