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Samsung fans will be delighted to know that the Galaxy Note 7 will be released any time soon.

Tech experts expected the Note 7 to be released on August 19 in the U.S. However, it seems that there have been some delays since the release date has been moved.

In the United States, several online retailers have confirmed that the Note 7 will be released soon. Wireless Everything, a seller on Amazon, stated on their product page that their Note 7 units would be released on August 23. Another Amazon seller, NGP STORE USA, stated that their Note 7 handsets would be released on August 31. Both sellers are offering factory unlocked Note 7 units and are allowing customers to make pre-orders.

Best Buy, on the other hand, states that its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets are already available. Those who buy online will receive their orders depending on the shipping option they choose (One-Day, Two-Day, or Standard Shipping). Customers can also opt to pick up their order from stores, although most Best Buy branches will start to offer Galaxy Note 7 units on August 31.

Sam’s Club is also offering the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Customers can buy the smartphone from the store’s online shop, although their orders would arrive on September 2. Target, Walmart, and Car Toys likewise sell the device, although customers will have to visit their stores to make a purchase.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was officially launched in Australia on August 19. It will be available in the UK on September 2.

The Note 7 will be on the expensive side (retailing at around $800 to $900 USD) so, to sweeten the deal, Samsung offers a free 256GB memory card or Gear Fit 2 for every purchase of the new smartphone. However, this offer is valid only until August 28 so, if you’re planning to buy the Note 7, it’s best to purchase now so you can take advantage of this deal.