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It seems that the popular life simulator game, The Sims 4, is finally receiving a new DLC pack sometime soon. This leaked information has surfaced on a Brazilian video game rating website, showing that the new expansion will be called “The Sims 4: Vida na Cidade” which is translated to “The Sims 4: City Life”.

Unfortunately, the screenshots have been taken down from that website, but a fan-made website dedicated to the franchise, named “Sims Community”, has managed to take a screenshot of the official post from the website. From the looks of it, it seems that the expansion may actually be legit and it will soon come to the game, as Soony DADC, the game publisher Electronic Arts’ distributor in Brazil, has rolled out a documentation in which has told EA that they have 30 days to decide when the official listing for “The Sims 4: City Life” gets to be published.

In other words, if the company fails to provide a publishing date, Sony DADC will post the listing of the DLC pack without any permission from EA. Unfortunately, the leaked information about “The Sims 4: City Life” stops here, but we’re hoping that more details regarding this upcoming DLC will be released sometime soon.

According to the documentation, some official information regarding “The Sims 4: City Life” will be unveiled on September 17, 2016. Some fans of the game have already started to speculate about what this new DLC pack will come with and they say that this new DLC will most likely focus on cities and bringing apartments.

EA hasn’t said anything about this yet, so we should take this news with a bit of salt. However, we think that the company will come with some information regarding this upcoming DLC sometime in the near future.