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Samsung has been slow in rolling out Marshmallow updates. Even with Android Nougat just around the corner, only a few models have received the latest Marshmallow version. And when it does arrive, it is a case of which owners get lucky.

Take for instance updates for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910F. The Marshmallow update is said to be underway, but not everyone is lucky enough. While some owners are happy to get the update, others are still waiting. With updates often rolled out based on region, people outside the lucky regions have to wait. Some phablet owners are actually at the mercy of network carriers as well.

The same models sold as factory unlocked by the Three Network, for instance, has yet to get the update. Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update has also been delayed on Samsung Galaxy Note 4s under Verizon and T-Mobile.

Both carriers are pushing for the updates, but no specific date has been released. Apparently, they are working on optimizing performance updates, which is all well and good. If only these updates will see the light of day very soon.

Imagine how you would feel if other Samsung mobile devices already have Nougat, but yours is still waiting for Marshmallow. You’re undoubtedly left behind.

As what one owner of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 owner said, “Never again”, which refers to their regret over choosing a Samsung device. If this sentiment becomes rife, the Korean company could very well see a drop in patronage and sales.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 owners are upset over delays. Who wouldn’t be? In most cases, people trust a brand because they are supposed to deliver on their promise. But when delivery is particularly slow, it can eat up on the fabric of integrity. Never again! Any more delays, and it’s going to be good riddance to Samsung altogether.