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Niantic has just released a software update for Pokemon GO, but only for Android devices for now. As it seems, the new update represents the 0.35.0 version and it brings something new: Pokemon Appraisal. This is a new tool that allows you to learn more about a Pokemon’s attack and what defense capacities it has right from the Team Leader.

This is a great opportunity for trainers to find out more about a certain Pokemon from their own Team Leader, which is Spark, Blanche or Candela. Thus they can compare and determine which one of the Pokemons they have has the most chances to win in a battle. Besides this, it’s great that you will have the chance interact with the Team Leaders. In fact, many fans until now declared themselves happy with the fact that the three characters received an active role in the game. They are very popular among fans, and as proof for this you have the million of fanart and fan canons people have created online and not only.

The team also added some bot fixes that were not so important, but they are still useful in the overall game experience. Moreover, they declared on their official website that they are currently working hard to release some new and interesting features that will be hitting the game along with the next update.

Meanwhile, people are enjoying the previous update and the last version of the Pokemon tracker that was introduced a while ago. Though the first impression of this was a weak one, up until now it seems that many people are really satisfied with it, finding it very useful and working flawless.

Though it’s not such a big update, it’s definitely a welcomed improvement in the game. If you haven’t received it on your device yet, you should be patient since it will take a couple more days for everybody to receive their upgrade.