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In July, tech giant Microsoft commented that they were hard at work trying to bring Pokemon Go to the Windows app store. Several petitions requesting Microsoft bring the game to their devices have been flying around the internet and no official release date has been provided by either company just yet.

Since then, there’s been no more news from Microsoft about this or any comments from Niantic regarding a Windows Phone release.

While there has been no news about an official version of Pokemon Go comping to the Windows app store, a team of third-party developers have been hard at work porting the game to the final mobile platform.

The third-party app is named Po-Go UWP and was first released several weeks ago however, after Niantic increased their security to stop access to their servers; the company claimed that these third-party services were causing too much strain on their severs and were the cause of the Brazil release delay.

Windows Phone users now have access to the game again as shortly after this, the developers of the Po-Go app released a new version which is able to get around the increased security measures. Po-Go UWP is still being actively developed and the team recently released a new version of the app which adds new features and offers bug fixes to bring it closer to the official version of the game.

This new version adds the Egg Inventory and incubation features to the game along with a profile page and the achievements seen in the other versions of the game. As a bonus, there are various translations available to players and also a device spoofing feature. The device spoofing feature allows the player to make their Windows Phone act like an iPhone which helps prevent bugs however this does come with a ban risk from Niantic.

There is still no sign of the Windows Phone app officially arriving on Windows 10 Mobile devices which means Windows Phone users will need to use Po-Go UWP.