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Rumors about the second generation of Pokemon have begun to surface and they all give the same time period: May 2017.

This date has not been officially confirmed by Niantic and it also come with dates for other major game features; according to these rumors, Pokemon Trading will be released in October and Pokemon Trainer Battles are due for a December 2016 or January 2017 release.

It’s expected that the next Generation of Pokemon will also contain several region-locked Pokemon; there are currently four region-locked Pokemon in the game which are locked in accordance to what that region is known for. Currently it’s unknown which Pokemon will be region-locked however fans are already debating several ideas.

These are the most likely Pokemon to be region-locked:

Miltank – North America
Heracross – Asia

Some players expect Smeargle and Delibird to be locked to South America considering the region doesn’t have nay region-locked Pokemon yet. Smeargle could make a good European exclusive however there are some other Pokemon that would make great region exclusives.

Yanma – South America
Stantler – North America/Canada or Europe
Corsola – Australia
Snubbull – Europe
Girafarig – Africa
Aipom – Africa
Dunsparce – Middle East
Sudowoodo – South America

This generation features a lot of great Pokemon that would make perfect region exclusives and considering the game has been released in South America now; gamers should expect to see at least one or more Pokemon being region-locked to that area.

There are several regions still waiting for Pokemon Go to be released such as Africa, Russia and the Middle East. It’s unknown when these regions will be getting the game but they will most likely receive some region-locked Pokemon in the future; these may not be 2nd Generation Pokemon but instead 3rd Generation.

Pokemon Go players should expect to see some big changes this year as Niantic continue to work on bringing new features to the game and also add a working tracking system; players can expect to see trading and Trainer Battles being added in the near future.

The Second Generation of Pokemon are expected to be released in May 2017.