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Nintendo NX seems to be one of the most awaited consoles for gaming in 2016. Despite there were some other releases recently, NX is still rumored to be a real success and many fans are looking forward to seeing it officially released. Obviously, there are lots of rumors concerning the features the new console is going to bring on the market.

According to some information released on 4Chan, we will only get to see the new console on the market next year, more precisely on the 10th of March. Even more, it seems that its official name will not be Nintendo NX after all, but Nintendo Focus. This announcement gave way to more rumors about the games that will be supported and featured by the new device. The list of games includes Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Gold, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, F-Zero^2, Super Smash Bros and Super Smash Bros Melee. Moreover, rumor has it that they will also be featured on the stage when Nintendo NX/Focus will be revealed, meaning on the 21st of September.

There will also be other new games that will appear on the console: Pimkin 4, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pileow, Super Mario Focus and Animal Crossing Election Year. However, all this information is placed under a question mark since the source of the information is not a verified one. Moreover, International Business Times claims that these are just repetitions of all the rumors that have been circulating until now.

Even the name seems to be a derivation of the fact that Nintendo NX should be a hybrid between a portable and a home unit, thus making the Nintendo company focusing on gaining a big share of the market. The games have also been rumored for a long time to be included on the game, so it’s not really news.