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Apparently, there’s another reason now to wait for the upcoming Surface Pro 5 along with an updated Surface Pen. As it turns out, some Surface Pro 3 users have noticed recently that their devices have been having issues with the battery life and the overall performance.

Microsoft has already acknowledged the issue and is working on solving it. Supposedly, a fix for these Surface Pro 3 problems will be released very soon.

Some of the users have suggested that the problem is due to defective SIMPLO batteries that were shipped along with the tablets, but Microsoft representatives denied that this was the case and claimed instead, that the battery life problem can be solved with an update.

Microsoft also posted a statement on the issues on the Community forums. In that statement it confirmed the battery life problem and that it was a software problem, not a hardware one. It also mentioned that it was working on a solution for the problem and that they are already in the testing phase for the update that will fix the problems. As soon as the testing is over and the update passes their quality assurance process, the update will be pushed on all of the affected devices.

Microsoft also mentioned that users should not consider replacing their devices because that upcoming update will fix everything.

So there you have it, if you are experiencing this problem, you will have to wait for the update, but there is no need to get another Surface Pro. However, if you do want to get another Surface Pro tablet, we recommend that you wait for the release of the upcoming Surface Pro 5 that is rumored to be revealed as soon as October 2016.

Supposedly, this new Surface Pro tablet will feature two resolution variants: a 2k resolution display and a 4k resolution display.

It’s also believed to sport an USB Type C port that will support battery charging and it may also feature an upgraded Surface Pen that will sport a rechargeable battery that will charge wirelessly when it’s positioned close enough to the Surface Pro 5 tablet.