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To the disappointment of fans, Rockstar Games was unable to release the GTA 5 Online Biker DLC last week, as according to a Rockstar insider named Yan2295, the company had t cancel the release of the DLC because of some technical glitches. However, new reports suggest that the downloadable content will arrive in September.

GTA 5 Online players were looking forward to the release of Biker DLC and they were extremely furious when Rockstar Games has failed to deliver it last week. Many were worried that they will have to wait months for the release of the downloadable content, but it seems that their await will end soon, as according to Yan2295 and MrBossFTW – another famous tipster, Biker DLC’s release date has been delayed until September, and it’s possible that it could be launched on a Tuesday. Therefore, it’s expected to arrive on any of these dates: September 6 / 13 / 20 / 27, since it’s known that Rockstar Games\ release dates fall on Tuesday.

Between October and November, Rockstar Games will bring another Halloween-themed DLC, but until now, the company has refused to give any statement about these reports. The good news is that players will keep getting online content by the end of this year, but at this moment, they can buy select Supercars with a 25 percent discount, while the price of the HVY Insurgents and Insurgent pickup, Sniper Rifles, Launchers, Miniguns, and ammo is cut in half. Moreover, players who will log into their GTA Online accounts until August 25 (the date when this promotion will end) will receive free bonus content, such as the Red Stuntman Jumpsuit.

Rockstar is in a direct war with cheaters and by offering these weekly deals, the company is hoping to reduce the number of cheats and to convince players to engage in activities that would bring them money.