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There are issues that can affect the user experience when using Google Maps on iOS devices. Perhaps a lot of people have encountered this problem. The good thing about this glitch is that it can be resolved when necessary updates have been installed. Here are some common problems that Apple customers have run into.

Cannot Reach Server

At times, the problem of getting a connection to the server is one of the troubles that Google Maps users come across from an iPhone. Most of the time, it can happen when trying to look up directions. Although it can offer the destination from the map, it can be difficult to load the turn-by-turn directions.

Google Maps Crashes

There are moments when zooming in a particular location can crash to the home screen. The sad thing is that there are no error codes but it just crashes. Mostly, it just can’t zoom in on a particular place. If you do, it will trigger the crash.

If you come across these troubles, it should be fair to try some alternative fixes before finally going to the service center.

  • You need to verify that you have an internet connection.
  • If you are on Wi-Fi, make sure that your work shouldn’t be blocking some sites or other external sites.
  • Try to check if other iOS devices can run the Google Maps being in the same network. You can also check if you can use it on the Google Maps website from your phone if necessary.

Considering a Hard Reset

  • You need to press and hold the Power and Home buttons at the same time. You should keep this until you can notice the screen to go blank.
  • After performing that step, you have to release both buttons. After checking, you will get to see a logo of Apple that should popup on your screen. After overcoming that obstacle, you have to repeat if necessary.

Location Services Fixes

  • First, you have to navigate to Settings, then to privacy, and location services so that you can switch off the toggle.
  • You can also perform hard reset on your smartphone as mentioned earlier.
  • You need to launch the Location Services and switch on the toggle to matter.

Reset Network Settings

  • Try to start the Settings app.
  • Then you have to navigate to General, then click on Reset and then tap the Reset Network Settings.

There are many issues concerning the execution of Google Maps in an Apple device. However, some of them can be resolved by simply taking note of the necessary actions for you to follow.