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With each passing week, Cydia has come up with a number of new jailbreak tweaks so far. This week hasn’t been so exhilarating as compared to some of the earlier weeks but Cydia has still brought along with it some very helpful tweak releases that you will come to know about in this post.

Although iOS might have eliminated the need for many users to jailbreak their devices over the past few years, there is still a powerful number of users and most significantly, developers who are keeping the jailbreak world alive. Every time Apple releases an iOS update, users start searching anxiously for a new jailbreak and this shows how important jailbreaking is to them. No matter what Apple does to change its iOS software, we surely know that jailbreaking is not going anywhere.

At the moment, there are so many jailbreak tweaks that it is really intimidating to search for the coolest ones. This is the reason we would like you to remain updated on this and so in this post we will introduce you to the 10 coolest jailbreak tweaks that have been released lately, mostly in the last week, and we know that you’ll definitely love them! Here are the 7 newest and coolest iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tweats for everyone:

  1. QuickShoot Pro 3 ($1.99)

This is a great new jailbreak tweak for iOS 9.3.3 that allows users to take images and record videos directly from their home screen, from anywhere in iOS, without ever launching the camera. This tweak is accompanied with stunning visual effects, universal Activator support and slay of other options.

  1. AnsweringMachine ($3.99)

AnsweringMachine is a major example of what makes jailbreak tweaks so awe-inspiring. It is all what you can think of about the world’s coolest jailbreak tweak for your iPhone. AnsweringMachine is basically a Voicemail tweak, which gives you the complete voicemail experience you ever had in your iOS. This tweak completely evades your cellular provider as a whole. With this amazing tweak, users can set up customized voicemail greetings to be heard by everyone in their contact list or by individual contacts. Users can also get their voicemail converted into text and then see it in a notification banner after their voicemail gets received.

  1. LongStories (Free)

This is another cool app for iOS 9.3.3 users that allows them to eradicate the 24-hour limit enforced by Instagram for its pictures in the “Stories” feature.

  1. Wi-Fi Calling Flipswitch (Free)

Here’s another useful jailbreak tweak for you if you want to enable or disable Wi-Fi calling over your iOS device!

  1. PokeGo LS GIF (Free)

With this tweak, you get a cool Pokemon Go themed lock screen animation on your iOS device so you can show off your Pokemon Go strength right from your device’s lock screen! This tweak also displays an animated GIF of all the teams of this game and their well-known birds as your wallpaper. We highly recommend this tweak if you are a diehard Pokemon fan.

  1. Envoy (Free)

This tweak allows users to get rid of all the unwanted features and sections from the recent Facebook Messenger.

  1. WidgetWeather3 (Free)

If you want an updated platform for using weather widgets all through your iOS then WidgetWeather3 is the thing for you!