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Everyone who plays the game knows that Pokemon Go absorbs battery life, even with the Battery Saver mode the game can still deplete mobile devices at a record pace. There are several ways available to help with this issue:

  • Using Battery Save mode
  • Turning off AR
  • Not using other applications at the same time

There is however, another method that can help players who focus most of their gameplay to a single area and this can also help keep the mobile devices’ data usage to an absolute minimum. Data usage with Pokemon is another problem that gamers need to deal with and many have contacted their mobile phone provider to increase their monthly data usage limits.

The best way to save both mobile data and battery life at the same time is to use the Google Map offline function; Pokemon Go uses Google Maps API and downloading sections of the map for certain areas can be very useful. This means that the game doesn’t need to waste any battery or data on updating the local environment.

Downloading Google Maps for offline use:

  1. Open the Google Maps application
  2. Select the Settings menu
  3. Tap the Offline Areas option
  4. Select the ‘+’ icon
  5. Draw a square around the area that the phone will download
  6. Press ‘Download’

This allows players to download a small section of Google Maps in accordance to places they visit frequently; it does require the phone to have enough space left on it to download that portion of the Google Map, however.

While most users claim that this method works and does save everything it’s supposed to; this has not been confirmed as a legitimate method just yet and a Google engineer has also rejected this method as being real.