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Clash of Clans was first released in 2012 and became the most popular strategy game ever released for mobile devices; before the release of Pokemon Go, the game was considered to be the biggest mobile game to ever be released.

The game is developed by Finnish developers Supercell and Clash of Clans usually receives several updates throughout the year; the developer usually stops updating the game from around June/July and the next update in the series usually arrives some time in the Spring.

Recent bugs in the gameplay have changed this pattern however as the developer is now planning on releasing a September patch ahead of the big Spring update. This September patch will be focused towards being a bug fix update however rumors suggest that this patch might be bigger than the developer initially revealed.

Supercell is very good at dealing with bugs and glitches as quickly as they appear so it’s not surprising that the developer is now working on a new patch for the popular mobile game. The last update for the game seems to have caused some issues with the different levels in the game and the developer hopes to fix the issues and bugs that have arisen from the latest update.

Players have been making suggestions for the developer on official forums; the main request seems to be to adjust the games settings to make the clan wars section of the game more fair so that battles become re-balanced. Hopefully Supercell will consider these requests as they work on the update which will be released next month.

The emergency update from Clash of Clans is due for release sometime in September and developer Supercell will announce the official details of the patch as release date comes closer. Hopefully this patch will come soon to help fix the current issues surrounding the game.