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Being a keen player of the Pokemon Go game, you are very likely to know about “Individual Values”, better known as “IV.”

Apart from the individual Combat Power (CP) and the base species stats that the game shows for every type of Pokemon, the Pokemon Go game produces exclusive values for Attack, Defense and Stamina. These values range from 0 to 15 for every Pokemon that is captured.

Although the game doesn’t describe these values for the one who is playing and hides them away somewhere, they still exist there and they pretty much play some kind of role in the Gym battles. The greater the values will be, the higher and stronger will be the “perfect percentage” of a Pokemon.

In this post, you will come through some of the best Pokemon Go IV Calculator apps which are available on the web or on mobile. You might have realized by now that the Pokemon zeal isn’t going anywhere anytime soon no matter how much other people are sick and tired of it. If you are one of those people who have had enough of the game then this post is definitely not for you! Pokemon lovers, go ahead reading it.

Therefore, you now know that “Individual Values (IV)” are essential but since they’re concealed, it becomes really hard to identify them in the game. Here is where the Pokemon Go IV calculator comes in. If you want to know your Pokemon better, then this IV calculator can turn out to be really useful.

As with all other things, there are also ways and means to handle the lack of IV lucidity within the game, so we want to share a handful of those ways with you. Thus, below are some of the best of the best Pokemon Go IV Calculator apps for the web and mobile:

  1. IV Calculator – PokeGo Master

With PokeGo Master, now you can check the IV score of your Pokemon without leaving the Pokemon Go game. PokeGo Master is a great app that allows the players to see their stats while they enter the information. This cool Android app is completely free to install and you can get it from the PlayStore.

  1. Pokemon Go IV Calculator

Pokemon Go IV Calculator is a completely web-based application for the game. It can be used on any platform and is very easy to use. You can get this app on

  1. Poke Assistant IV Calculator

This is a more advanced form of IV calculator online and it is much more simple and clean to use.

  1. Pokemon Go IV Calculator Google Sheet

This app displays the Pokemon Go IV stats in the form of a spreadsheet. Users can install it form here

  1. PokeTool

Another great app for the IV calculator on Android is the PokeTool which is available in the form of an APK file from here

  1. Pokemon Go Nexus

Pokemon Go Nexus is basically a tool that allows players to identify which Pokemon they should develop and which one they should crush into candy. You will find it on