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Even with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 being just a few years old, Microsoft and Sony are already in the works to release brand new gaming consoles in the next eighteen months. Both companies may have been pushed to develop new products that are compatible with the latest trends in the entertainment industry—4K televisions and devices that render virtual reality gaming experiences. Because of this, gamers now have the Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Neo to look forward to. But which one should you upgrade to?

Based on Internal Specs

The Scorpio is reported to have an 8-core processor with unknown clock speeds. The PS4 Neo is said to also run on an 8-core CPU at 2.1 GHz. Both have plenty of CPU power, which is well and good, but the deciding factor should really be with the GPU and graphics memory department. Both consoles don’t have clear details yet regarding numbers for their graphics memory, but it is believed they will have 8GB since it is the bare minimum most gamers will expect. As for memory bandwidth, Microsoft’s 4K gaming device has 320GB/s over Sony’s 218GB/s.

Based on Your Current Television

If you have a TV set with 1080p, then you are all set to enjoy Scorpio and Neo gaming. Microsoft has said that Xbox Scorpio games will most likely look better and run a little better on 1080p television displays. So you don’t really have to invest in a 4K TV, but having one can unlock the potential to see a true difference in 1080p. If you don’t plan to invest in a new television any time soon, then it would be best to stick to current generation consoles for now.

Based on Game Versions

Currently, the Xbox One has no VR gaming support so it is expected that the Scorpio will get its own batch of virtual reality titles. On the other hand, PS4 Neo should be largely compatible with PS4 VR games. Microsoft and Sony have also been working hard to ensure that titles playable on standard versions of the consoles will be compatible with the newer hardware with games coming in two modes.

There have already been reports about a lot of awesome games being developed for Xbox Scorpio. So when it comes to titles, it will boil down to your personal preferences as a gamer. When it comes to other specs, you should decide whether you want to jump on the 4K and VR trend right away or to stick to your current gen console. Besides, if it still gives you enough playtime enjoyment and contentment, then why upgrade this soon when we could be expecting newer and more powerful gaming devices from Microsoft and Sony in the near future?