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Everyone was very happy when they’ve heard about WhatsApp Desktop Application for Windows and Mac. Well, it seems that this application is not very different when it comes to the old “WhatsApp Web” client. In other words, the WhatsApp Desktop Application functions the same way as WhatsApp Web and it will require a mobile device to be connected to the internet.

In other words, after installing the WhatsApp Desktop Application on your computer, you will have to scan the QR code. This can be done by opening the WhatsApp application on your mobile device, heading to “Settings->WhatsApp Web->Scan QR Code” and using the smartphone to scan the QR code. After scanning the QR code, you will automatically log into your WhatsApp account on the WhatsApp Desktop Application.

So, if you’ve used the website in the past, you will notice that this application does the same thing. So, actually, all it’s changed is that this is an application that doesn’t require a web browser to function.

This has surely disappointed many WhatsApp fans out there, which were hoping to get a full WhatsApp desktop application. Unfortunately, we are not sure if the developers will ever do this. We have to remind you that there are already mobile messaging applications that don’t require having your mobile device connected to the internet while using the desktop version of the application.

A good example is Viber, which is another popular mobile messaging application. However, it is good to know that in order to use the Viber desktop application, you will still need to have the Viber application installed on your smartphone, but it doesn’t force you to keep it connected to the internet while using the desktop version of the application.

What are your thoughts about the WhatsApp Desktop Application?