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Samsung has been in the eye of the tech world lately by releasing the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Plus and just recently releasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. If you like Samsung and would want one of their smartphones but the budget doesn’t help you very much – we’re here to lighten up your day. While the company is known for their high-end flagships, they do release some mid-range devices that rock some pretty great specifications.

A very good example of this type of phones is the C series the tech giant has going on, the family right now consisting of Samsung Galaxy C5 and Samsung Galaxy C7. There are rumors that the company is to release a Samsung Galaxy C9 this fall, with a codename Amy attributed to the phone. The model number is leaked to be SM-C9000, but farther from that, no leaks have surfaced the internet regarding the specs of the smartphone.

But, if you still are curious of what to expect with the Samsung Galaxy C9, we can make some pretty safe assumptions about what the smartphone will feature taking in account the specifications of the other phones in the series.

First of all, we’re assuming that the C9 will maybe have a 6 inches display, most definitely a bigger one than the C7 which rocks a 5.7 inches display. These are mid-range smartphones, so the processor won’t be the newest and most powerful one, but it won’t disappoint. If it’s paired with 3 or 4 gigabytes of RAM, it will work smoothly.

As for the internal storage, we’re not very sure if the Samsung Galaxy C9 will feature multiple options, but a 32 gigabytes version seems the most likely. If this amount of memory is not enough for you, Samsung rarely does not feature an expandable memory.

If you’re a camera person, the supposed primary camera on this device is a 16 megapixel one. We’d actually be quite impressed with this camera if Samsung decides to add some features like HDR or autofocus.