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Pokemon Go player have to face the age old question at the start of the game; which Starter Pokemon should they choose?

It’s a classic part of every game in the main Pokemon series and having the ability to select a Starting Pokemon was something Pokemon fans expected to see in the augmented reality mobile game. Currently the only generation in the game is the original first generation which means that players can select from the original three Starter Pokemon in the game.

Niantic has been quiet so far about what will happen when the second generation will be added to the game; current rumors suggest that the company is planning to release the next generation in May 2017. That generation also has three starter Pokemon and there are currently no hints about how they will impact the start of the game for new players.


This grass Pokemon is one of the most common starters in the game which makes it an ideal starter for anyone looking to evolve their starter quickly; while starter Pokemon have incredibly low CP and never really reach the same skill levels as others from their species, some players still like to keep theirs. These grass Pokemon are weak against some of the most common types in the game including Bug and Flying, they’re also weak to Fire and Dragon types.


Anywhere near water gets a bunch of water Pokemon spawning near them which is great for raising a powerful Squirtle. This is potentially the most common starter Pokemon to find in the Wild and it’s a nice counter to any Fire or Rock Pokemon. Most Gyms are filled with Dragonites however and water Pokemon struggle against Dragon types.


Finding wild Charmanders can be almost impossible and successfully evolving one to a Charizard is a tedious task; this fire type is one of the most popular starter Pokemon choices currently available but training them isn’t too easy. Sadly, they were also weak against Water, Rock and Dragon types which means they’re not the best Gym fighters. These three types are some of the common Gym defenders.

Bonus: Pikachu

This Electric Pokemon is a special bonus starter that can be found in the game, it’s a nice Easter Egg choice but finding more Pikachu in the Wild can be a difficult thing. They’re still a great Pokemon to have as they’re great counter to Water or Flying types which fill Gyms at the early levels of the game. Sadly, they’re not very strong against Dragon types and have no effect on Ground or Rock types.