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Nowadays, gaming consoles are evolving with the speed of light and today we will talk about a new console that Sony will release this fall. According to Andrew House, CEO at Sony Entertainment, the Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Kōnan Minato, Tokyo, Japan, will release the PS4 Neo console that will support 4K resolution for better gaming graphics. However, if you’re considering purchasing the PS4 Neo console, then you should know that it will cost a bit more than the average $350 price that the PlayStation 4 currently has.

According to Giant Bomb, the PlayStation 4 Neo will be more powerful than the existing Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Currently, the PlayStation 4 has a CPU clock speed of 1.6GHz, while the Neo version of the console will have a CPU clock speed of 2.1GHz. When it comes to the graphics processor, then you should know that the PS4 Neo comes with an improved AMD GCN at 36 CU’s at 911 MHz, which is a big upgrade when it comes to the current PS4’s 18 CU’s at 800 MHz. The PlayStation 4 Neo will come with 8GB of RAM at 216GB per second, while the current PlayStation 4 has also 8GB of RAM, but with a speed of only 176GB per second.

To make things even better, the PlayStation 4 Neo will allow you to play older games from your older PlayStation 4 consoles. However, these games will come with a high-resolution difference, so you should not worry about games if you already have a PlayStation 4 console and you’ve purchased a bunch of them for the “older” console.

According to IBTimes, the PlayStation 4 Neo will be paired with Sony’s Virtual reality hardware and it will most likely provide the best gaming experience ever. In other words, if you like playing games in virtual reality, then you should purchase the PlayStation 4 Neo.

The upcoming PlayStation 4 Neo console will be unveiled for the public on September 7, 2016.