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MacOS Sierra is said to be better than Windows 10. Yes, even with the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and subsequent updates, MacOS Sierra still comes out as a winner. But this claim can be subjective, which is why we present to you the features that distinguish one from the other. Why don’t you decide for yourself the clear winner?

MacOS Sierra

  • When it comes to interface, Apple kept the same visual design used in OS X El Capitan (10.11), but with the addition of the Picture-in-Picture video, a feature borrowed from the iPad. This may not offer much for some users, but familiarity is a deciding factor for a lot of people.
  • Multitasking is made possible with the desktop view split between two apps, which contributes to increased productivity.
  • MacOS Sierra’s voice activated assistant Siri, not only performs search and manages files, but also answers contextual follow-up questions. Siri’s dashboard also allows you to drag and drop search results to any documents you’re working on.
  • Photos app in MacOS Sierra has improved facial recognition functionality, and comes with a search option, and a feature that lets you turn photos into slideshows.
  • Desktop files can be mirrored in all devices running MacOS Sierra.
  • In Safari, you can mute noisy tabs.
  • When Mac phones and computers work in harmony, users can send text and make calls.


  • Windows 10’s interface offers a fresh, dynamic redesign, complete with a built-in tablet mode. Made with larger touch-targets in mind, the operating system can be installed on more than one device, and provide different kinds of user interaction. In terms of interface, Windows 10 takes the prize.
  • Enjoy 4 different windows arranged in a grid for easy multitasking. This feature works wonders with a large display, saving you from switching from one window to another while working.
  • Windows’ Cortana can send news notifications, answer contextual follow-up questions, and even aims to provide more accurate information in the next question.
  • In certain games, Windows 10 users have an option to play against Xbox One owners.
  • The operating system has Ink, a feature that turns notes written with your stylus or finger into machine-readable text.
  • In Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, Edge will finally get browser extensions, which have been present in Safari for a long time already.
  • The latest operating system will now allow SMS messages to be sent, but not make a phone call. Who knows? This might be another surprise in the Windows 10 Anniversary update surprises.

Now that you have the list of features, which operating system appeals to you the most?