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Ever since the Nintendo NX has been confirmed for release in early 2017, the tech world has been speculating which games will be launched together with the gaming device. So far, it seems the video game company has committed to include Zelda out of the box. However, that won’t be enough to draw gamers into getting their latest product. They need to make the NX more compelling by adding more hit game titles to the bundle.

This is why many believe that Pokémon Z or Sun and Moon will be launched alongside Nintendo’s NX. They are two of the most anticipated games and they can easily be ported from 3DS so they can easily fit into the new platform of the console (if it is true that it will have a mobile unit with stand-alone features). Although there are rumors that Pokémon Z will be released sometime in the fall of 2016, more fans think that is highly unlikely since Nintendo has not made any additional announcements about that as of this writing. And because the company said that their main focus will be in developing NX, there is a better chance that the Z edition of Pokémon will be included in the launching of the console to hopefully increase its sales.

As for Pokémon X2 and Y2, it seems there is less chance that it will be released this year as Nintendo has not had any further updates regarding its launch as of now. The gaming world got all excited when news went around that the much anticipated sequels to Pokémon X and Y would be released as one of the final 3DS games in mid-2016. But with the video game developing company seeming more focused on the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon, it seems that X2 and Y2 will be pushed out of the picture for the meantime.