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Both Google Maps and Waze have their differences that are noticeably remarkable. Although Waze is already a property of Google since it was bought back in 2013, these apps have been kept separate. Overall, they have their own ways of being different, including the functions and navigation tricks.

Basically, Waze is a navigation app with turn-by-turn features. It focuses on social networks that drivers can use to share information about police officers, accidents, and road closures, among others. This is mainly used for navigating by car. Here is a list of the major features of Waze.

  • Integration with social network including live traffic reporting from users.
  • Able to send live, as you can have the ability to update information with the ETA to friends.
  • Added celebrity voice navigation option.
  • Able to learn about frequent hours of commuting, destinations, and some preferred routes.
  • Ability to search for the cheapest gas on route.
  • Provides an indicator that counts the number of times that you will possibly be in a traffic jam.

These are just the major differences in which Waze has some minor ones as well. Despite all that, this app has many more options that enables navigation customization. This includes setting the Waze to evade highways or to take routes considered the shortest rather than the fastest. If you want to make some tweaks in the settings, this is a better app for you.

Google Maps, however, is just like your typical map. This has many transportation options as well as additional information regarding businesses, monuments, and other major landmarks that are commonly used in a map application.

Unlike Waze which gives you the ability to trim your driving time, Google Maps has lots more in its navigation options. It is possible to find specific addresses, business names, and business types by simply typing in the description or the name.

More so, Google Maps keeps you on the main road rather than pushing you to the side roads that Waze is popular of. Nevertheless, you can likewise tell the Maps app to avoid certain routes, such as highways, ferries, and tolls. Here is a list of major features from Google Maps.

  • Provides navigation options for biking, driving, walking, and riding public transport.
  • Voice navigation options for those who like to drive, bike, and walk.
  • Offers live traffic conditions, optional rerouting, as well as incident reports.
  • It can also provide millions of places for business information.
  • This has been integrated with the Google Street View app.
  • It offers offline mode that offers turn-by-turn navigation.
  • It can display business hours in searches as well as alerts to inform you about arriving too late.
  • Provides a suggestion which lane you have to drive in.
  • Upon looking at different routing options, it shows the map information.
  • It can track and save data over time.

If you want the easiest way to get from your point of origin to your point of destination, you can just check out the best way to do it with Google Maps without having to settle on turn-by-turn navigation every time.