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Niantic has recently announced that the team is focusing on third-parties that offer services relating to Pokemon Go, this includes cheating apps and services. Several weeks ago, Niantic focused third-party maps such as the popular PokeVision map.

The developer explained that third-party access to their servers were reducing the performance of the game by slowing down servers; according to Niantic, this was the reason why the Brazil launch for the game was delayed. Having to deal with these issues has also meant that Niantic hasn’t been able to focus on developing new content to the game or even fix the tracking system.

Now that Niantic has removed access to their game, the company has moved it’s gaze on to cheating services that provide players with ways to progress through the game faster; this includes ways to hatch eggs faster, catch Pokemon automatically and also collect all PokeStops in an area. These services are now also receiving legal warnings.

While many Pokemon Go cheat services work, there are a large number of fake cheating apps available which provide a range of ‘services’. They often include more services than the legitimate cheating services such as providing free Pokeballs and unlimited Pokecoins.

Now that Niantic has removed almost all legitimate cheating apps, the fake services are much more common and most of them are still active; using a cheating service also comes at ban risk as Niantic will ban any account linked to cheating.

Anyone who still wants to use a cheating service needs to be very careful when selecting which service to use; most of these services will not be active for very long with Niantic still issuing legal warnings to them. In addition to this, the developers is now issuing lifetime bans to cheaters.

More legitimate cheating apps will become available overtime but for now, most applications are fake and players should carefully check any app they want to use despite the lifetime ban risk. Cheating services that offer unlimited Pokecoins or Pokeballs are most likely fake and should be avoided.