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A range of teams are currently working on a PlayStation 4 jailbreak that will allow users to install a range of new apps and homebrew games; there are currently no simple ways to jailbreak a PS4 however, team fail0verflow released their kexec-style code in March. This code allows experienced Linux users and hackers to load Linux onto the console, this does not include an exploit which means users need to find their own one for it to work.

In February it was confirmed that a team actually did jailbreak a PS4 which allowed them to play cracked games; this was done using the kernel exploit discovered in PS4 Firmware version 1.76. There has been many updates since then however and no more news has been released about this exploit.

One of the most promising options seemed to the the Cobra USB which could be plugged into the console; this is considered to be an Emulator which would let users run homebrew apps and games along with pirated games. Various sources have apparently debunked this device as being false with thoughts that it was being worked on by a fake PS4 hacking team. This device was promised for releases in February but the Twitter account linked to the project has now been closed.

Several PS4 jailbreaks are available online and some of these have confirmed to be real; these only work with PS4 that use firmware 1.76 or below however and the Sony is about to release firmware update 4.00 for the console. Currently the only options are to get a PS4 with this firmware or to refrain from updating firmware and wait until a hacking team is able to breech the new security.

There are also methods to install Linux on a PS4; doing this allows users to install a wider variety of apps and games. A variety of teams have released Linux hacks for the console and Fail0verflow also released a Linux port.

When looking into installing a hack or jailbreak it’s important to only download them from the official creators and follow their instructions; not doing this could seriously damage the console or potentially install dangerous malware.

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