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Console hacks and jailbreaks have always been very popular with console owners; obtaining hacks is usually more difficult for consoles and gamers on these platforms have a much smaller selection that PC gamers.

Recently, the PlayStation Vita has just received its first official jailbreak hack that allows users to play homebrew and pirated games; the HENkaku hack was released at the end of July and has finally made it possible for users to jailbreak their device.

The hack includes molecularShell which is the default method to install games through the HENkaku hack; there are other methods available however such as VitaShell 0.7. A wide variety of homebrew games are already available for the PlayStation Vita and several pirated PS Vita games are also available to download through it.

Currently, there are three types of hacks available for the PS Vita: ePSP, Native and Tricks. Each of these work in a different way and while several hacks are available for each one, they are usually avoided by users as they are very limited.

HENkaku is the only real hack available right now that opens the console to a wide range of homebrew and pirated games. Downloading other hacks or jailbreaks is very risky. They can be filled with viruses and malware which can corrupt, damage or prevent the console from working.

When installing any hack or jailbreak software it’s important to only download the files from the official website; versions from other sources may be altered versions which include viruses or dangerous malware. The only way to avoid this risk is to install the files provided by the creator of the hack or jailbreak. In addition to this, it’s a good idea to research the hack and the files to see if other users have had issues with them.

The PlayStation Vita is surrounded by fake jailbreaks and hacks for the handheld console; considering that the console has been almost abandoned by it’s manufacturers and developers, it’s easy to see why installing a hack of jailbreak is so tempting. The vast majority of the ones currently available are fake or filled with malware and need to be avoided, very few real PS Vita hacks and jailbreaks are currently available.