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Recently, Pokemon received a new unexpected and unannounced update. It brings several updates for the game and lots of interesting things. One of the changes it brings is the fact that the company made Pokemons spawn more. Up until now, the game could become quite monotonous by only catching Pidgey or Rattata in some areas. This is why there will be more rare Pokemons spawning and this will happen in rural areas where there were very few Pokemons until now.

Moreover, the egg hatch speed increased from the 10.5 km/h it was until now. The game updates the distance more frequently now, which means you don’t have to walk necessarily in a straight line like you had to do until now. Though we’re not sure of it, this might even mean that you can run or bike and still hatch eggs.

Move sets have also been targeted for this recent update. If the previous update brought some damage changes to lots of moves, now the team did not focus on the damage, but on particular move sets for some Pokemons. If most Pokemons can use one special attack or fast move, others have remained without any move at all! However, up until now this change was adopted only for the Pokemons that are recently caught. This means that if the player doesn’t update the Pokemons he has caught in the past, they might become very rare and hard to use.

All in all, this was a server update that made many people glad for bringing new things. It brought significant changes to hatching speeds for Pokemon eggs, spawn rates for rare Pokemons and even some move sets updates. One of the changes that amused many people was the update made for Mew, which cannot be caught in the game for now. All this information can be found in the Pokedex.