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No Man’s Sky has finally been released worldwide and gamers are now able to explore the vast and incredible universe; every planet in the game is unique and it’s filled with diverse lifeforms that populate planets and space stations.

While the game features a nice tutorial, there’s only so much it can teach players and there is plenty to learn by exploring each galaxy. Here are the top tips to help all players get started on their journey through the universe of No Man’s Sky.

Take care when mining

Mining is one of the most important aspects of the game and players must mine resources to progress through the game; unfortunately, mining and killing animals on planets will attract the attention of sentinels. Both of these activities will cause the sentinels of the planet to attack the players using a star rating system. A high rating means stronger enemies.

While mining cannot be avoided, it’s a good idea to not be seen mining and players should stop when a sentinel is in range. Once it stops and scans the player, it’s safe to carry one when it flies away again. If a player is on a hostile planet then they will be attacked regardless so just mine away!

Scan and upload all discoveries

The game doesn’t actually tell players this but it’s possible to upload all discoveries online for later use or so that other players can access them. The universe is filled with new star systems, planets, animals and plants which can all be scanned. Doing this gifts players some money and also labels the discoveries as theirs for all other players to see.

Star Systems – 5,000u
Planets – 2,000u
Animals/ Plants – 500u – 2500u each

Learn languages

Every planet contains various Knowledge Stones and other places constructed by highly intelligent species; accessing these will teach the player new words in the major languages found across the universe.

Knowing a variety of words makes it possible to complete different puzzles found across the universe; it also allows the player to trade with alien lifeforms for better deals.