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Updating the Google Maps app can be done in an Android and iOS device. You might think that this is a difficult task to do but here are some steps that you can easily follow.

Updating Google Maps in an Android Device

It is important to know which version of the app you are currently using. You can do this by following this method.

  1. Open the app from the home screen or find it from the list of apps installed on your device.
  2. Notice from the app’s top left corner the Menu tab and tap it.
  3. Choose from the list the Settings option.
  4. Tap the About, Terms and Privacy option.
  5. The Google Maps version should be under description “Version”.

If your app has the latest version, you can no longer install any other version prior to this.

From the Play Store, you can select the Maps app from the list of your installed apps. You simply need to tap the update button. From there, you can just wait for the automatic download and install procedure, then your app will be updated in no time.

Updating the App from an iOS Device

In order to know the current version of the app installed on your iOS device, you can simply follow the previous steps that you would in an Android device. However, the version of the Maps app can be found next to the description “Version”.

The same thing goes for iOS devices wherein you can use the App Store to facilitate the update of your Google Maps. Simply find the current app from that location where you can determine if newer versions are available for update. If so, you can simply tap the option to update beside the app logo to the right.