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Nuka-World expansion will be released on August 30, but Update 1.7 has added support for it. There are many additions and fixes that this update has brought and next week, they will come to PlayStation 4 as well. In this article, we’ll tell you about all issues that have been fixed.

Besides support for Nuka-World, Fallout 4 1.7 Update brings a new store art type for Workshop settlements and it allows PS 4 users to delete add-ons without doing a full uninstall. The game is more stable and optimized, the developers have made UI improvements to mods menu and mods Detail menus and after Sanctuary, players will notice that Jun and Marcy Long will no longer be essential. Also, players will pick up and place objects without noticing any glitches, as the accuracy and control of these actions have been improved. Also, players will use grenades and molotov cocktails with the Junk Mortar and vendors will ship out larger quantities of Ceramic, Copper, Rubber, Steel, and Wood.

The developers have moved localization strings to Interface archive and brought Mods fixes for PC and Xbox One. The rest of fixes are for:

– companions which unequipped clothing when fast traveling with player;
– player animations which didn’t load properly after reloading a saved game;
– certain dog armors which didn’t equip properly on Dogmeat;
– objects from add-ons which didn’t scrap correctly or weren’t stored properly;
– infinite load that occasionally occured while logging off while downloading a mod;
– a crash that appeared when investing in a store while trading;
– “Quartermastery” was sending players to erroneous locations;
– performance issues related to dropping certain weapons;
– melee weapon damage bug;
– Sturges and Mama Murphy which stopped moving;
– Surgery Center in Workshop mode;
– there was a glitch that caused players to fall through moving platforms when pausing the game;
– the performance was affected when equipping certain items in Pip-Boy;
– mods images stopped displaying while scrolling through mods menu;
– Disable All Mods didn’t work properly when offline;
– players turned invisible when running with mods;
– there was an animation error related to NPCs changed in mods who have died;
– when changing NPCs in a Mod, changes such as hairstyles will be updated.

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